Wide Pine Flooring

pine flooring attributesWe are the premier manufacturer of wide pine flooring because we provide you with a combination of options and features no one else can match. Each floor is made to order. We aim to please, and there is no greater reward for us than receiving a testimonial from a satisfied home owner.

If your goal is to create the look of a classic pine fl­oor, we recommend buying mixed width floors. Not only is it more appealing to the eyes by making your rare wide planks stand out, but it also stays true to the old New England style pine floors used for over 300 years. Wide pine ­flooring at these widths is an extremely rare product, and therefore cannot be mass produced.  We prepare all of our planks during the winter months, then store them to be milled, order by order, into flooring throughout the year. Normal lead time for a mixed width floor is two weeks or less, but we frequently sell out of widths over 12″ by the fall each year. When this happens, no more planks are available until winter.

A very important step in our process for crafting a wide pine floor is kiln drying. Proper kiln drying is easily overlooked when purchasing a floor but really becomes noticeable after a floor has been installed. Our floors are dried down to 6 to 8% moisture content, ensuring a long life with only minimal movement. Our drying process works so well that it even allows for our floors to be laid over radiant heating systems. For years our floors have successfully been used in climates from the high and dry altitudes of Aspen to oceanside homes of Cape Cod without ever receiving a complaint about board movement, or any other defects. We take great care in keeping the planks at their driest while at our mill, and we recommend that they be installed and sealed immediately after delivery, with no acclimation, which is different from how green or improperly dried planks would be handled.

Premium Pine FlooringPremium Grade
Our premium grade contains sound knots, proudly showing the history and character of the wood. This knotty pine flooring will provide your home with the classic look of pine, and has made premium grade our customers’ most popular choice. We hold our floors to a higher standard. Our knotty pine does not follow the industry standard NELMA grading system, but instead exceeds its requirements to give you the best pine floor available. (Polyurethane finish shown in sample picture)

Select Pine FlooringSelect Grade
Our select grade is knot-free and truly amazing to see. Less than 5% of our boards are considered to be select by our rigorous grading standards. We are one of the only companies offering knot-free boards, and we make them in in the widest widths available. Finding a 20” wide 16’ long knot-free board is truly something special, and our select floors are sure to impress. (Tongue oil finish shown in sample picture)

pine flooring packagesWe have created three different width packages; Wide, Extra Wide, and Mammoth. When ordering the wide and extra wide package you will receive equal square footage amounts of each width. For example a 1500 square foot order of our extra wide would consist of 500 square feet of each width. Our mammoth package is shipped with 25% of the square footage being our famous 18” and 20” wide boards. The remainder of the order will be evenly divided between the 12”, 14” & 16”.

Besides choosing board widths, you will have two surface finishes to select from; mirror smooth or hit and miss. Mirror smooth finish is by far our most popular option. Hit and miss, often called skip planed is perfect for those who enjoy a rustic touch throughout their home. When crafting a hit or miss floor, the top of each board is lightly planed, skipping some sections to show the circular saw marks from the saw mill, leaving an uneven surface.

We also have the longest length planks in the industry. The majority of your order will be boards between 12 and 16 feet. Longer length planks means fewer seams in your floor. When you combine the width and length of our planks, our pine flooring can reduce the number of edge and butt seams in your floor by 80% or more, compared to a typical wood floor.

For easy installation, board thickness is set at industry standard 3/4″, unless a custom thickness is desired. Side profile options include tongue and groove, shiplap, and straight edge. Tongue & groove is our customers’ most popular choice by far, because it provides the most secure hold, since the pieces are fully interlocking. Your profile selection does not affect the price of your floor.

pine flooring profiles

old pine flooring

Eastern White pine is a soft wood. Over time impressions form a unique character adding warmth and beauty for generations to enjoy. This unique wear is part of a pine floor’s allure, and sets it apart from hardwoods. What’s important is knowing your floor will never wear out, and you can feel good knowing that while you stand on our floors, we stand behind them with our lifetime guarantee.